“Around the Clock” is a non-denominational House of Prayer Initiative in Berlin, Germany.
Our heart is to build a house of prayer in Berlin, where prayer and worship takes place 24 hours and 7 days a week. Just as it is written in the the Bible, a special blessing is promised, when we bring our praise and worship day and night before God (Luke 18:1-8). We believe our city needs prayer: as the capital city, many important decisions are made here which affect the whole of Germany. With prayer and praise we desire to see revival, starting in the hearts of the people, and going beyond the boundaries of the city. As in Isaiah 62:6-7, we will not keep silent on behalf of Berlin. We pray that God would bring change in politics, economy and society.
The house of prayer is a place where God is glorified and His name alone is lifted high. Our main goal is to give the glory to Jesus and offer extravagant worship, as Mary Magdalene, when she poured her precious anointing oil on his feet (Luke 7.36 ff).
We believe the house of prayer should be a place where:
  • We can be creative in worship.We want to glorify God with singing, praying, arts, dancing, and other creative expressions
  • Worship is continuous and unceasing. We base our worship model on Revelation 5.8, where it describes the four living creatures and 24 elders worshipping the the Lamb (Jesus) in unity of music (harp) and prayer (bowls). A steady flow of music, accompanied by various kinds of prayers and worship times, that´s the expression of this form of worship.
  • We can enjoy God, and engage in prayer groups during the sessions.
  • The creative and anointed presence of God can also be experienced while fulfilling day to day duties, whether paperwork, research for school and university, exam preparation or studying the Bible
It doesn’t matter which fellowship or church you come from and how much you already know about God. Everyone is invited to come by for a few minutes, or hours, to meet God!